Case Study

Spire Investment Partners

A hybrid independent financial advisory firm looks to Workplace to support its technology platform.


What you will learn from this case study

The challenge

Spire serves the research, trading and back-office needs of its affiliated advisors with technology that provides a key competitive advantage. As technology, business and user needs changed, Spire realized that this solution could be greatly improved upon with a fresh perspective.

The solution

Spire uses Workplace to host and connect the financial applications and custodial sites essential for their advisors to run their businesses and serve their clients. Spire also uses Workplace to host all applications for its back office operations; including email, human resources, compliance, payroll and accounting. 

The results

With Workplace, Spire has been able to differentiate themselves from competitors with a technology platform that attracts financial advisors and their clients. This unified solution has improved advisor productivity and compliance controls for security and privacy protection.